There are many trends that are developing in the office models that are currently working. Hiring an in-house lawyer is one of them. Legal services are increasingly considered as true commodities, that is, good services where the value proposition is more difficult to define and highlight.

This has many implications sincein-house lawyer financial margins are getting smaller and smaller, and the price factor is the most important when defining the real differential element of a firm. Hiring an in-house lawyer for your company is a much better option. Here are reasons why you should opt for one.

The In-House Lawyer Makes Decisions in Relation to the Business

The in-house lawyer makes decisions that deviate from the strictly legal when deciding on the relevance of hiring a specific provider. On the other hand, the in-house lawyer can fill holes left by the real managers of the businesses and perform part of their functions. Finally, the in-house lawyer can share his legal decisions with those responsible for business and make those decisions taken much more consistent.

The In-House Lawyer Becomes “Part of the Team.”

An external lawyer is still another supplier for the company. The relationship that the external lawyer maintains with the company usually has limits in terms of the trust held, and even the involvement kept with the company is usually limited. An in-house lawyer is usually not only the one who makes the legal decision but the one who executes said decision. He can be the most proactive lawyer and more actively resolve the problems generated due to the legal choices adopted.

An In-House Attorney Can Better Align With the Corporate Interests of the Company

There is no doubt that an external lawyer is ultimately due to their law firm or office, which may generate project management conflicts extra hours billed vs. actual hours, compared to the situation of an in-house lawyer, who will not have such difficulties since he will be more aligned with the company from a methodological point of view.

Better Work and Family Conciliation

It seems that the in-house lawyer will enjoy a better balance between his work life and his personal life. Also, you can always go to the delegation of a task in an external office. However, you must not lose sight of the limitation that, for this, the fact that the in-house lawyer is considered a cost center will have. This will mean that the hiring of an external lawyer will have to be justified very precisely.